oude kerk

Oudekerksplein 23
1012 GX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 625 8284

The Oude Kerk has been a museum since 2016, an active place of worship on Sundays, and throughout the year a place of pilgrimage for heritage enthusiasts as well as for lovers of contemporary art and music.

On completion of the 1955 to 2013 restoration, the Oude Kerk sprung a surprise with its novel focus on large-scale contemporary art projects in this historic church. Within a short time of reopening, the Oude Kerk succeeded in developing a strong contemporary programme. The organization evolved into an ambitious commissioner of international artists for exceptional projects with a special relationship to the monumental church and its red-light surroundings. From radical interventions to respectful homage. The Oude Kerk thus distinguishes itself from what is happening elsewhere in the city, in the realms of contemporary art as well as historical heritage. An average of 150,000 visitors per year are drawn to the programme with exhibitions, performances and concerts. This means that the Oude Kerk ranks among the top 10 museums in Amsterdam. Over the coming years the Oude Kerk wants to continue excelling in this monumental experiment with high-profile exhibitions, concerts and performances.

The Stichting de Oude Kerk te Amsterdam foundation was established on 25 May 1955, with the aim of preserving the building and making it accessible to a wide-ranging public in a meaningful manner. The Oude Kerk depends on income from admission fees and donations from public and private partners for the staging of its programme and sustainable maintenance of the building.

director and curator
Jacqueline Grandjean

operational management
Emma van Oudheusden

secretariat and friends
Mirjam Jalving

projectcoordinator and production
Fleur van Muiswinkel

marketing and communication
Emma van Wolferen

Mirjam van Belzen
Rieke Righolt

project leader collection presentation
Marianna van der Zwaag

curator music
Jacob Lekkerkerker

open applications (Dutch) are welcome
send to

safety and conservation
Piet Musters
Michiel Vaartjes
Koen Laros
Ian de Ruiter
Simon Skata Lindell
Karel Poortman

reception and shop
Esther van der Linde
Carina Ellemers
Donna Weel
Alle Kok
Estella Snellen
Eva Windhouwer
Marije Schulte Nordholt

organ players
Matteo Imbruno
Jacob Lekkerkerker

supervisory board
Rein Kronenberg, voorzitter
Floris van Hall
Hedy d’Ancona
Hans Kodde
Lex Kloosterman
Lilian Kusters
Barbara Visser
Peter Tomson

oude kerk restoration fund
Maurits van den Wall Bake, voorzitter
Rein Kronenberg, secretaris
Ruud Koedijk, bestuurslid

committee of recommendation large organ
H.J. Witteveen
R.J. Nelissen
F.H.J.J. Andriessen
H.O.C.R. Ruding
W. Kok
G. Zalm
J.C. de Jager

Job Oosting
Anne Rijks

‘We endorse the Governance Code Culture’
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